Quantum Genius Moving Straps Set

DISCOVER THE STRONGEST MOVING STRAPS: Lift, carry and move all your heavy appliances or large objects with confidence thanks to our ULTRA-STRONG Polyester lifting straps for moving furniture, which can hold up to 1 ton (1000kg) without tearing.

SAFEST STAINLESS STEEL BUCKLE SYSTEM: The patent-pending, innovative, stainless steel buckle system will ensure that your appliance carrying straps stay firmly in place. Prevent accidents and rest assured that your straps are secured while moving.

TAKE ALL THE FUSS OUT OF LIFTING HEAVY OBJECTS: Our easy lift mover straps come with 2 comfortable and easy-to-adjust harnesses, which will allow you to utilize the strongest muscles groups in your body while offering you maximum cushioning.

MOVING IN THE DARK? NO PROBLEM: The Quantum Genius 2-person furniture carrying straps feature a smart reflective, fluorescent strip, which will allow you to save your time and carry home appliances or other objects in the dark without any worries.

YOUR SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY: Our safer, sturdier and eco-friendlier moving lift straps are compliant with US/EU high visibility and reflective materials requirements, OSHA certified and compliant with US Health and Safety at work regulations.




The Ultimate Lifting Straps That Will Help You Move Like A Pro Are Finally Here!

Looking for a set of durable, ergonomic and practical furniture lifting straps?

Need a set of safe appliance carrying straps that will pass the test of time?

Want to maximize your moving crew’s efficiency and work in the dark with safety?

Introducing The Quantum Genius HeavyDuty Furniture Moving Straps!

Lifting and carrying your washing machine, piano, armchair, couch or mini fridge can be quite a hassle. Especially if you don’t have the right moving equipment.

That is exactly why we have designed the ultimate home moving straps that will help you:

LIFE ANY OBJECT WITH EASE: the innovative harness and 2-strap design will allow you to use 4 different lifting methods (X-shape, Looped X-shape, Loop and Parallel method) to increase stability and utilize your core to lift all your appliances.

CARRY HEAVY ITEMS WITH CONFIDENCE: why risk harming your loved ones or yourself? Our patent-pending stainless steel buckle system will make sure that your straps do not slip out and offer you maximum strength to weight ratio.

MOVING WILL BE A BREEZE AGAIN: the comfy shoulder pads will prevent discomfort and pain, the adjustable chest strap will help you to tailor your harness to your needs and the fluorescent strip will allow you to continue working after dark.

What Makes Our Carrying Straps So Special?

  • 10X Stronger Material: Abrasion-Resistant & Water-Resistant Polyester
  • 5X More Comfortable Harness: With Chest Strap & Cushioned Shoulder Pads
  • 3X Safer Design: Corrosion-Resistant & Ultra-Safe Stainless Steel Buckles
  • Professional Grade: Reflective Fluorescent Strip
  • Certified Design: OSHA Certified, Compliant With EU/US Safety Regulations

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